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Do you want to go in-depth into interesting social, moral and political questions and learn how to express your thoughts in an eloquent and convincing fashion?

In Debating we train to construct complex arguments and combine them with smart rhetoric, gesticulation and mimicry. We debate in the formats British Parliamentary Style and Offene Parlamentische Debatte, in all of which you have seven minutes time to represent your side in a speech.

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Training during Corona

We are currently doing our Trainings online. Please contact us by email or with the contact form below if you want to participate.
  • Auf Deutsch: Mittwochs, 18:15
  • In English: On Tuesday, 6:15pm


Our topics cover everything from current questions about international relations to fundamental ethical debates. These are some topics we've already debated:

  • Sollte South Korea developed nuclear weapons?
  • Should former colonies which have turned into "failed states" be temporarily recolonised?
  • Should James Bond be female?
  • Is it amoral to have children?
  • Does science need to have a use?
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At Competitions, members of all clubs and countries meet to debate and socialize.

We regularily participate in competitions, both german and international. Competitions are an unique opportunity to improve your debating skills and become a part of the debating community.

Everyone can participate in competitions, independent from previous debating experience. If you're interested, contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Debate Club Zurich open to people who are not associated with ETH Zurich?
Yes it is! The Debate Club Zurich is open to everyone, including UZH students and non-students.
Do I need to sign up to come to the debates and debate trainings?
No, there is no signup needed. Just come by the room at the correct time. English debates are every Tuesday, and German debates are every Wednesday.
If you've never debated before, let us know when you come by and we will give you a quick introduction.
I want to go to a competition, how do I do that?
We regularily post about competitions in our WhatsApp groups and Newsletter. To sign up, talk to us at a training or message us.
Can I come in order to better my English/German?
Yes, feel free to stop by. Debaters of all experience levels in both language and debating are accepted.
Can I come as a spectator?
Yes, that is possible. Participating in the debates is not mandatory, and you can just listen if you want.

Matthias Roshardt

Informatik, ETH

Raphael Hehli

Vice President & Finances
Economics, UZH

Alexander Jürgens

Competitions & Sponsoring
Physics, ETH

Rasmus Flint

Communications & Event Organisation
Physics, ETH

Maria Augstburger

Competition Scout
Law, UZH

Oliver Fischer

Crisis Management & Website
Mechanical Engineering, ETH

Jessica Fenger

Fun Police
Political Sciences, UZH


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