Debattierclub Zürich


Deutschsprachige Debattierszene



Die meisten Turniere werden von individuellen Clubs organisiert und in der Achten Minute sowie über den VDCH-Verteiler angekündigt. Etwas zentraler organisiert werden die Regionalmeisterschaften sowie die darauffolgenden jährlichen deutschsprachigen Debattiermeisterschaften (DDM).

International Debating Community

Rules & Materials

There is no central entity governing the BPS rules, but the documents published for EUDCs and WUDCs have a strong influence and are usually very well-written.


There is no central source for finding out about international competitions. Most competitions are announced on Facebook, so it helps to join a few debating-related groups and mark upcoming competitions as "interested," which will usually lead to Facebook suggesting other upcoming tournaments. Achte Minute maintains an international debate calendar, but it is far from complete.

The largest international competitions are the World University Debating Championships (WUDC), and, in Europe, the European University Debating Championship (EUDC). Both are generally open for anyone to attend, but require registration a considerable time in advance.